About Us

Driven by passion, and constantly evolving, Tishu Gallery was established by Tony Shubart in Boston in 2007. We specialized in contemporary art from Aboriginal Australia, North America and Southeast Asia. Rather than being restricted by region, period or medium, our program emphasized the dialogues between art cultures and the anthropological ideas behind them. In 2009, we relocated to Hudson, NY and expanded into Modern Design. We subsequently opened a branch in Miami which became our base of operation. Those years saw us fully engaged in promoting vintage and modern design with a focus on studio-made collectible work. We also offered a carefully curated body of work that we were passionate about including fine art photographs, Asian art, textile and tribal art. More recently, we have broadened our offerings once again and established ourselves in the field of Japanese and Korean art and design. Since 2020, we have moved our gallery to Atlanta.

If there is one concept that unites the wide range of art in our collection, it is the timeless beauty and the singular aesthetic we find in them, as much as the stories associated with them. We work with museums, architects, designers and collectors across the globe for both public and private projects.

By choosing to focus on the secondary market only, we are proud to operate as a green business with minimal impact on the environment.