AL-C002 Bush Medicine Leaves Dreaming Abie Loy Kemarre 2006 Acrylic on Canvas
AL-C001 Woman Body Painting Abie Loy Kemarre 2007 Acrylic on Canvas
Abie Loy Kemarre
(Australian Aboriginal, 1972-)

Birthplace: Utopia Station, Central Desert
Language: Eastern Anmatyerre
Region: Lyentye (Mosquito Bore),Utopia

Brief Biography:
Abie Loy Kemarre began painting in 1994 under the formidable guidance of her famous grandmother, Kathleen Petyarre who imparted the methodology for creating the depth-of-field of tiny shimmering dots in her highly delicate, Bush Hen Dreaming paintings. Over time, Abie Loy's paintings further evolved through her skill as a talented colorist and during 2001/2002, Loy introduced a bolder, more abstract style in her Sandhills and Body painting series. These newly evolved paintings are representational of her inherited Dreaming stories, however, these powerful images could be stylistically interpreted as abstract, expressionist and even post-modern. Abie Loy Kemarre's unique signature style of painting has brought her critical acclaim that postures Loy at the leading edge