Rare Cocobolo Wood desk Don Shoemaker Don  Shoemaker
 A rare zig zag cocobolo wood chair Don Shoemaker Don  Shoemaker
 Rosewood Lounge Chair and Ottoman Don Showmaker Don  Shoemaker
Rosewood Diamond Desk and Chair by Don Shoemaker Don  Shoemaker
 Two Rosewood Nesting Tables, Don Shoemaker Don  Shoemaker
 Rosewood and Marble Table, Don Shoemaker Don  Shoemaker

Don Shoemaker
(American/Mexican, 1920−1990)

Don  Shoemaker

Brief Biography:
Born in Nebraska, Don S. Shoemaker studied painting at The Fine Arts Institution of Chicago. In the late 1940s, he moved to Mexico with his family and settled in Santa Maria de Guido, a hilltop town above Morelia, Michoacan. In the late 1950s, Don started designing furniture and crafted them out of the local exotic tropical hardwoods. His company Senal, S. A. was a great success and the pieces it produced were distributed in large cities of Mexico and the US. Many of his iconic designs were inspired by Mexican traditional woodwork. The pieces made from Cocobolo, a Mexican rosewood, and other precious woods were highly sought after. In 1990, Don passed away and the company was renamed as Arrendadora Shoemaker and run by his son George Shoemaker until his death in the 2000s.